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Hello, I really do not know where to start and what to say. I only know I wanted a SPECIAL place for you, my fellow bloggers.

Madeleine, brought us all together, a group of people with the biggest hearts and so much love.

I realise I have confused some over my gender , a message left on TEXTUSA wishing me well, once I have sorted my sex out.

I had realised in the past some thought of me as male and others female, my name only adding to the confusion.

This page is not about Madeleine or myself, this page is for you and today I asked Pam if she thought it would be alright for me to post your good wishes on my blog.

I have not been a member of a forum for a very long time, I therefore am without access and was unable to answer you. I did not want the time to pass without you knowing how much I appreciate every single one of you.

Pam has very kindly brought your messages over to me and with your permission I would like to place them here.

I would also like to mention Pams new blog which is about creating Breast cancer awareness. I have no idea to most of your genders either, whether you are male or female is of little importance to me,  BUT what is important is the fact that BOTH men and women can have breast cancer.

It is also not true that women under forty do not have breast cancer. I know young women in their twenties and one who is only eighteeen who has breast cancer.

Please everyone, if this is not possible on the NHS make an appointment for a Private consultation and have a yearly mammogram….it is not a waste of money and could save your life.

If I may ask one favour of you, add Pams link to your twitter page and give her a tweet each day and help her through you to reach as many women as possible….lets all become more aware of our bodies and this dreadful disease that if not caught in time is a killer…..leaving small children without mothers and husbands without wives.

I love you all and remember keep yourself safe.

Take care

Dani xxxx

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