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Dr Vince Touhey has a vaccine for breast cancer that has 100% cure rate in mice, he wants to save lives NOW not yrs from now, he is in need of funding to get the human trials going. While these trials are going lives are going to be saved. i have Stage IV breast cancer which means I’m going to die we just don’t know when. This vaccine will save my life and thousands of others. Do the right thing and get behind it 100% you may not have this dreadful disease but one in 8 women get it and someone you love will get it. I didn’t do anything wrong, i was 100 % healthy until i found a lump in aug 08 and my life has been ripped apart ever since. Breast cancer steals pieces of your life until it takes your life. I am a nurse and recording artist I cowrote a song for breast cancer so my sisters wouldn’t give up on life. Treatment for this disease is god awful!!! Please sign the petition and end the suffering!!!!!!
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