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There is No Cure

Today, Stephan and I had a long talk with my Oncologist, Stephan needed to know if this time the cancer will be killed for good.

The reply was not what Stephan wanted to hear but came as no surprise to me.

The chemo ,is short term and within possibly a year the cancer will return somewhere else, I will be treated once more with chemo and this cycle will continue until my body can take no more.

In other words my case is Terminal.

Stephan has said we must change our lifestyle, travel, go for long drives , go out everynight for dinner. Stephan, once again is in denial and wants to make lots and lots of wonderful memories.

A close and dear friend sent me a video , a song…. entitled ‘ Live like you are dying’….to me at the moment it is a very stupid song…when you are dying it is hard to find the energy to live.

I now need some space for Stephan and I to absorb this devastating news, plus ,I will have a brutal week from side effects of chemo., I ask therefore, if you will forgive me if I do not post until such time I feel strong enough to carry on and return to some kind of ‘Normal’ life what ever that may be.

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