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Reaching Four’0′

I had the fear and dread of most women about approaching the age of forty ,the Big Four ‘0’ I must have been around 37 years old when I felt it creeping up on me.

I, of course had no knowledge at this time I had cancer, one never knows until there are symptons.

I love music and wrote a lot of poetry back then.

Yesterday and today , I spent sometime doing a little cleaning as we had guests and they needed a place to put their belongings, I ,by pure chance, came across my poems tucked away in an old draw.

I had not realised how the age of 40 had played on my mind I wrote poem after poem about plastic surgery and bottoms falling to the floor. I think I must have been planning a complete make over and felt for sure I would have a thousand wrinkles on reaching this massive landmark.

Here is something that I wrote, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it again today.

I called it ‘MAKE OVER’

My birthday is looming, the dreaded Four ‘0’,

An appointment at the Docs,I’m ready to go,

I’ve every intention to stop gravity,

Explaining to the Doc with sincere clarity,

My breasts I want lifted,they point to the floor,

Dearest Doctor, make them size 44,

My bottom is quickly falling South,

I too have a droop around the mouth,

Cellulite known as orange peel,

My skin to me, I can no longer reveal,

Look at my stomach ,I need liposuction,

A tummy tuck , or some sort of reduction,

Finally, my face, I need a lift,

Tell me Doctor, Have you got my drift?

Several months later, my goals I’ve achieved,

An astronomical bill, I also received,

My breasts are now pointing to the roof,

Silicone implants, solid, are proof,

Cheek bottoms at last tight and high,

Revealing also, my inner thigh,

Collagen implants, I have a permanent smile,

My Doctor said,’ don’t talk for a while’,

Every sag on my face has been nipped, tucked and lifted,

For days, in and out of consciousness, I drifted,

New legs after applying liposuction,

My body looks good, ready to function,

My stomach now tight as a drum,

I really have lost my protruding tum,

But LOOK,Oh Dear, Whats happened here?

I speak with my Doctor’ This I always fear’

Doctor, the other day I was real mad,

My face won’t move, I can’t look sad,

Lips so full, look out of place,

No, they certainly don’t suit my face,

On one side of my leg, there is a dent,

Liposuction, this is not what I meant,

Doctor, I prefer myself as before,

To put me back, will it cost much more?

Why could I not be happy and content,

With the face I had, that I was meant,

Longing for the moment when I look down,

Into a mirror and see a frown.

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