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We know Tamoxifen can cause Cancer of the Uterus, maybe it is time to investigate if it can also cause Metastatic Breast cancer.

I would like to tell this story because it may help someone else but also I am interested in the opinon of others.

I have always had yearly mammos and smear tests, all negative.

Seven years ago I had severe breast pain, it even hurt to walk, the pain so bad I would cry. I saw several doctors to ask for help, some suggested I take an aspirin others surgery and removal of my ovaries but no one told me the cause.

I was at my witsend and a friend recomended a well known gynaecologist in Madrid. Stephan and I left at 5 am one morning to take the train and meet with him, he asked for my latest mammo and results of a hormone blood test.

The results of my blood test proved my estrogen levels were very high and according to the doctor this was the cause of my breast pain. He went on to explain when his patients have this problem he places them on a course of Tamoxifen, I had never heard of Tamoxifen and did not know it was a hormone.

I started to take, as suggested 20mg of Tamoxifen a day, within six weeks the pain and swelling had gone..as if by majic, I was cured.

I stayed on Tamoxifen for four years and had to my knowledge no side effects.

One day out of the blue I had very bad gastric and was admitted to hospital, ( you know my history) and after surgery diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Metastic Breast Cancer Grade IV.

I seem to be the only woman to date who has had breast cancer BUT NOT in the breast…doctors are baffled but believe it had something to do with my taking Tamoxifen…somehow the drug ‘Put the brakes on’ and stopped the spreading to my breasts…or at least this is what the oncologists believe.

I have googled ‘Tamoxifen and Breast Pain’ and it does say in rare cases this is prescribed by doctors.

I was told because I had taken Tamoxifen for so long it wound not now work for me and this may prove to be the case as the cancer is not only back but never went away. I did try Femara but it left me a cripple and went back to Tamoxifen…

I am curious to know if anyone else knows

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