Archive for July 12th, 2010

I begged you so often, to just, go away,

But you desired my body and wanted to stay,

At first I felt good not knowing you were around,

You crept up on me, without making a sound,

Then, into my bed and dreams you haunted,

Your vicious ways, your cruelness you taunted,

I asked you PLEASE, leave me alone,

I locked all the doors but you were inside my home,

Stephan, now a third party to a marriage,

Weddings forgotten, with white horse and carriage,

Your evil it grew deep down inside of me,

I imagined your laugh and how it would be,

The pain you inflicted, I felt everyday,

Strong chemo was used to send you away,

BUT, now you are back with a smug look on your face,
You’re not yet through with me, so lets cut to the chase,

TOMORROW, I will start to fight you all over again, +

ONLY one winner, and time ,will tell when.

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