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Something wonderful happened today and it was through ‘People Power’.

I am so lucky to have such good friends, I really had no idea how much ,until today.

I am not a religious person but my mother was,she always used to say ‘Things always come in threes’ whether they be good or bad.

Robert will now have his operation . My other sister Susan, has phoned to tell me her son has signed the contract for his new house. I am hoping the third will be Monday and good news.

Maybe I am asking too much as I have had such good fortune today.

In between time if you wish to say a little prayer for me, I would be truly thankful.

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We ,on this blog are the first to hear the wonderful news from Roberts Dad. Robert has been scheduled for surgery Monday 2nd August 2010.

I guess this will now sound like a speech from the Oscars…but Roberts dad would like to thank first and foremost Roberts ‘Sparkly Angel’ Bren who without her help this could not and would not have happened.



Chaosraptors and Co: for inspite of all your disagreements with Bren, you gave Robert a voice and I thank you with all my heart.

Roberts father himself has thanked Bren and all us Bloggers for the amount of work and time we have spent blogging, twittering and of course bickering LOL. (although he has not got a clue who JATYK,Blondie and Rosiepops are, he thanks you deeply)

We will keep you up to date on Roberts progress…

But for now, I think we have one very special MP to write to, Andrew Turner and thank him for moving so swiftly in helping Robert.

Bless you all.

YOU, made this happen.

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