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This is a cancer blog and will remain so.

I am however spitting nails with the ‘red tape’ used to try once more and waste time.

A young boy needs our help, Robert ,and we bloggers are doing everything in our power to help him.

Which is why I was stunned with the latest outrage.

Had Andrew read Roberts blog and looked at his photograph he would see Robert is in a wheelchair and this means Robert cannot walk.

I have taken this from Roberts blog.

Update: Red Tape on Roberts case

It seems Andrew Turner MP is unable to take action until they have Roberts consent or better still if Robert himself asks for help.

If Robert can fill in details ,sign and return a form they will take action straight away.

I am astounded, the photographs of Robert are clear to see, Roberts condition posted on his blog.

Does it look like Robert can up and jump and post his details?

Robert can say a few words but is unable to ask for help himself.

Robert cannot write therefore unable to sign his name.

Roberts thumb print IS his signature.

This has all now been explained to Mr.Turners secretary by Roberts father who has given his permission for Mr.Turner to investigate Roberts case.

But is it enough? Time will tellĀ , updates here and on Roberts blog . Let us see if we really have voted for change and how important IS a childs life to this Goverment who promised so much.

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