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Moving … Heartbreaking and filled with love…thank you my friend for without you I would have missed this story.

Today in England it is fathers day , a special day for a special dad.


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I have spent time over the last two weeks talking about cancer and why when we are doing more exercise and eating the RIGHT foods, cancer seems to have become an epedemic.

Many are now looking to the foods we eat, or more to what is sprayed, on the foods we eat.

I live in the country and farmers readily admit each year they are having to use stronger pesticides as the bugs in the earth become immune to their chemicals.

Our freindly farmer brings us peppars,potatoes, tomatoes, plums and oranges all with pride, just freshly picked.

I am now asking myself if in his hands may lay the answer to my cancer…have I washed over the years these gifts well enough or have I consumed pesticide in high quantity to create my illness…how will I ever know and how much washing must I do before I can eat the shiny red apple?

The fairy tale: Little Red Riding Hood….may one day prove not only did the ‘Wicked Witch’ poison the apple but also the friendly farmer for wanting the best from his crop, may be also offering death in his hands.

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Renata a wonderful nurse from Poland who looked with saddened eyes at my bruised arms where it was no longer possible to find a vein and rubbed with her gentle fingers cream on the areas I could not bear to be touched.

Renata I hope you keep in touch when you have a spare moment.

I also want you to know I meant every word I said…you are a very special lady .

This is for you….not the Renata you were named after I know but the song has passsion and depth the same way you care for your patients.

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