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Wasted TIME:

Today I returned to the Oncology Ward to meet with my Doctor. I had not been there since the day I left, nine months ago.

I met with three of the nurses who had taken such great care of me. It was hard, as I remembered each one and how they had made the pain bearable for me.

I stood there normally with so much to say but my mouth was dry and words would not come. I had already thanked them a million times when I left all those months ago. But as I waited for Victor ,I saw them going into’THOSE’ rooms where the sick lay. Where I had lived for almost two months.

Stephan, also never lost for words and with plenty to say remained silent.

We only spoke this evening and explained how we felt being in ‘that’ ward. ‘It was like being once more on Death Row’ Stephan said.

He explained how he would try to sleep each night with the phone by his side waiting for ‘That Call’…not knowing if I would ever come home again. ‘So much wasted time, all lost to Damn Cancer’….

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This year Sunday June 6th will be National cancer Survivors day.

The following video was in celebration of 2009. I have chosen this because the coloured ribbons explain the types of cancers.

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