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I live in the South of Spain, a beautiful part of the world. The days in summer are long and hot, the nights also and without the luxury of air conditioning, impossible to sleep.

The Summer of 2008 was no exception..the hazy days slipped into hazy nights. Evenings spent with friends over candlelit dinners and cool,cool summer wine.

Flaming June turned into sultry July and then the hottest month of all, August. I ,by this time ‘Golden toast’ my skin glowed with the health I had always known, long dark glossy hair , my teeth whiter than white against my summer tan. I have always been athletic and my body was more toned from daily swimming in the pool. I felt fabulous and so ,so well. There was nothing to hint that in just two short weeks I would begin the battle of my life….

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Hi my name is Danielle and I am a breast cancer survivor. I shall over time tell my story of the battle,turmoil and destruction cancer has created in my life. I will tell of the laughter and the tears but most of all the recovery and learning to live once more. I would like you to tell your story and join me on the road to recovery

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Hello world!

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